Veterans Day Presentation – Maj. Stuart Anderson, 07 Jan. 2006, Iraq

Claremont and Nancy Anderson, parents of Maj. Stuart Anderson, accepted their personalized Honor and Remember flag at the Veterans Day Program at the Morris, MN Elementary School on November 12, 2012.

Cpl. Peter Bergstrom 25 Feb 2011


Bob and Monica Bergstrom and family with their Honor and Remember

flag for their son, Cpl. Peter Bergstrom, at a picnic to honor all veterans.

Sept. 15, 2012

Granger Flag – Pine City

Dear Mike & Pat Labelle;
I have been slow in the email department, however there are a lot of things going on up here in Pine City that I cannot place on the front burner, but when the flames starts burning one must take care of it immediately.  Since the 18 March 2012, presentation several medical issues have slowed Father down, but all has finally settled down.  Dad is 89 years of age.
As Memorial Day approached I wrote out a plan on when to fly Dale’s Flag.  I have decided that it will, as a minimum, be flown on the Memorial Day in May, on 3 October the date he was killed, 11 Nov Veterans Day, and 21 November the date he was born into this world, plus any other special days.
As you may recall you presented the Honor and Remember Flag to my Father, Duane J. Granger II, on 18 March 2012, in my workshop, with most of the family members present.  The flag has sat on the shelf in Father’s house since.  On Friday, 25 May 2012, I asked my wife, Joann, to get the flag from Helen, not really letting her know what we were going to do.  On Saturday morning, Memorial Day Week-end, 26 May 2012, I went over and put up the American Flag & the Honor and Remember Flag for SPC Dale G. Granger, our son and brother.  Helen, 84 years of age, stood in the window and watched.  Later she gave me the following note which I would like to share with you.
    “As the years pass by many things in your life make a deep impression, some happy and some somber.  Friday May 26, 2012 as I looked out my kitchen window which is not unusual, but there stood Dave putting up our American Flag and Dale’s Memorial Flag, I went out on the porch and saluted.  Tears of joy and sadness came over me and I went in the house and took Jim’s (Dale’s Father) hand and took him to the window.  This particular day and event will never leave me.  I believe that is why I’m in Pine City, with this Granger family.  It was a miracle in my mind for sure.”
Helen A. Granger

17 Family Flag Presentation 22-Apr-2012

Group picture of flags presented at the Apple Valley American Legion Post 1776 on April 22, 2012.

Apple Valley American Legion 22-Apr-2012

Governor Mark Dayton and George Lutz, Founder of Honor and Remember, were guest speakers at the Apple Valley American Legion Post 1776 on April 22, 2012.  Seventeen families were presented with Honor and Remember flags that day.

Spc. Joseph Kennedy 15-Apr-2011

       Jim, Val and Casey Kennedy were presented with an Honor and Remember flag in honor of their son, Spc. Joseph Kennedy, on April 9, 2012 at the Inver Grove Heights City Council meeting.

Cpl. Curtis Swenson 02-Apr-2010

Dave and Kay Swenson accepted an Honor and Remember flag on April 1, 2012 at the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial in Rochester, MN in honor of their son Cpl. Curtis Swenson.

PFC Anthony Hebert 21-Jun-2007

The parents, Bob and Laurie Hebert, and brother of Spc. Tony Hebert received an Honor and Remember flag in Rochester at the Soldier Field Veterans Memorial on 3/31/12.

CW3 Corey Goodnature 28-Jun-2005

Don and Debbie Goodnature, parents of CW3 Corey Goodnature, with the flag they received in North Mankato on 3/17/12.

CW4 Matthew Lourey 27-May-2005

Becky Lourey, mother of CW4 Matthew Lourey, received her Honor and Remember flag in Duluth on 2/20/12.

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